Ease away anxieties, comfort sore muscles and cleanse your skin pore deep using our sauna and steam room.

Sauna bathing is a natural way of keeping fit and healthy, dating back over 2000 years. Minerals, fatty acids and metabolic products are freed without overtaxing the heart. Blocked pores, spots and blemishes are prevented.

Steam offers excellent opportunities for relaxation of both mind and body. It activates circulation and the nervous system, cleansing the whole body and building up resistance to colds, providing new energy and vitality in a natural, healthy way.

A cool shower afterwards sets the blood flowing, tightening and smoothing skin tissues. The circulatory system is improved; tired, aching or stiff limbs are relaxed.




Benefits include:

  • relief from muscle soreness
  • relief from stiff joints
  • immune system enhancement
  • lymph detoxification
  • blood circulation improvement
  • sinus congestion relief
  • respiratory benefits

Both sauna and steam baths are therapeutic, but the high moisture content in a steam room is especially good for respiratory problems. For generations, doctors have recommended breathing steam for all kinds of respiratory issues. Asthma sufferers are said to benefit from the immediate and long lasting relief which the high humidity and gentle warmth of the steam provides.